On a Shabbat in February 1996, while orbiting the earth in the Space Shuttle, astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman brought out a Torah and read from Genesis, bringing the Creation Story back to the Firmament.

The Space Torah Film Will:

  • Preserve this extraordinary moment for the world to see.
  • Show how Dr. Hoffman grew up to be an Astronaut.
  • Tell how a miniature Torah from Israel came to be on that space flight.
  • Document ways the Space Torah continues to inspire new generations .
  • Explore the deeper meanings for both Judaism and the whole of humanity.
  • Form the basis of a curriculum about the significance of the living Torah.
To learn more about the Space Torah Film contact:
Executive Producer Rachel Raz - Spacetorah@gmail.com
“Going into space did not make the Torah more special, the Torah made space more special. ”
Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman

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